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Sebastian Sarbora

Hey everybody, the motor controller boards are in, now we just have to populate them. We also have the lighting boards, which are super bright, white 3 watt leds, which should be enough to light up some dark water.

Since my last post, we haven't gotten too much done in terms of adding code to our repository. This is partly due to very packed schedules for every member in the group. However, we have done a decent amount of research and learning since then.

A couple of us are still primarily focused on the web application and have discussed the best way to implement the private voting search functionality. A URL would be an easy solution but would also probably require emails sent out to voters, which could pose an issue in terms of anonymity. A code would prevent this, but it would also be slightly more difficult for users to access the election, due to the fact that they would have to enter the code manually into a search bar. As such, we may just implement both, and leave the decision up to the creator of any particular election.

The other members of our group have started focusing on the mobile side of our project. One member is learning a bit about Android development, and recently got Android Studio up and running. The other member is working on learning iOS development, as his personally array of equipment is more suited for iOS (i.e. he has a MacBook and an iPhone).

I have also looked into the issue of web hosting and have narrowed down the options, but I'm still undecided. By the next post, we should have a decision made, and we'll probably also be hosted by then.
BallotBox • 1 day ago
Aaron Gunderson

Joseph redid a lot of our site to make it mobile friendly. Whiteboard is now easily viewed from a mobile device. Still working on specifics. We also have done some bug fixing such as disabling admin logins on the regular site. Amy has also been working hard to catch up and learn what's going on. Web development hasn't been the easiest transition for her. Nate is doing great and has been helping me a lot. Helping me when I forget some stuff too. Super pumped to be in beta next semester. -Aaron

Tommy Fang
Hey guys, I've been working on learning how to do sprite art with Photoshop. We're hitting a few more rough patches, but we're still hopeful for beta by the end of the semester. Please keep checking the Google doc for more updates with the game mechanics and content.

I also bought a domain name and web server to help test embedding the game as a Java Applet. You can check out We will finish up the code review and continue adding more functionality. Email me if you have any ideas or bug fixes and please fork our project.

Sheng Guan Tu • 1 day ago
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