Rensselaer Center for Open Source Software

Derek Meer
Kyle and I won't be able to work on the hardware assembly and testing much this summer since we both have internships on the other side of the country. Therefore, we will resume work on the project next semester.

Jazmine Olinger

Next semester we will work on implementing the control interface for Neptune. We have scrapped the idea of using a web framework which we attempted this semester because none of us have experience or interest in web programming and so we had some trouble finding motivation to work on it. We will create a basic desktop application as the interface and look at the possibility of expanding to a web interface in the future.

Rob Russo

Finalizing details for the summer, Vijay, Peter, and Josh will contribute when possible. Rob will work on the server and Ylonka will get some DB work done. Good luck to all members of the team with their summ research and internships!

Kathryn Lovell

A large part of the Arduino Snap is reverse-engineering Google's Blockly project. This is proving especially challenging considering how Google tends to have convoluted and persnickety coding structures. If we ever hope to contribute our project to Google Blockly as a whole, we're going to have to be extremely meticulous. Because of this, I believe that this project is mostly teaching us about how to work on large, collaborative, and polished projects more than anything. Sure, it's also teaching us a fair amount about how Javascript (How about them anonymous functions?), but it's largely teaching us how to be thrown into a new workspace, a useful skill for any budding software engineer and something that can only be learned either in the industry or by working on open source.

Kathryn Lovell

A large part of google blockly's engine is run off of a class or structure of some sort called Blockly. So for instance, Python code is rendered using the code "Blockly.Python.workspaceToCode();." But for the life of us, we cannot find where Blockly is defined. Believe me I've tried. We managed to get C code rendering by running it through the structure for Dart, but way more digging needs to be done on the whole "Blockly" thing.

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