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Josh Goldberg

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Peter Piech

I have reconsidered the decision to release RPI Mobile for Android on May 5, 2014 and decided it best to push the release back at least one day. May 5 is the last day of classes and I would not have time on that day to release it due to having 8 hours of classes that day including two exams, and a presentation. Instead, I will wait until May 6, 2014 to release the app on the Google Play Store. However, I am planning on having the current version of the app pulled down on May 5. The app on the Play store currently has an incorrect package name which cannot be corrected for the current release on the Play store. Therefore, it will have to be removed in order for there to not be two versions live at the same time.

Peter Piech

Well, the title says it all, but below you will find some elaboration.

WeatherFragment now has a static background image! In the future, it will change dynamically based on current weather conditions.

Also planned for future releases are background images to replace the white backgrounds in the Laundry, Events, Athletics, and Twitter fragments. It will be different for each fragment, but the idea is to have a gradient for each of the items in the lists.

Tons of bugs were fixed in the latest round of commits. Download bugs, duplication bugs, and refresh-button-spamming bugs have all been addressed. Read the repository's commit log for more details. I think all bugs have been effectively patched now; no more bugs should need to be patch before release.

The RPI Directory and MorningMail features will be developed in future semesters.

The release of version 1.0 is still slated for May 5, 2014 on the Google Play Store.

Matt Zanchelli

So I began work back on the framework itself, specifically finishing up and polishing SmartCrop, which will automatically crop photos to any aspect ratio or size and attempt to keep their most important components, instead of naively to the center of the image. While I was trying to complete this, I created a structure called CGAspectRatio, which is modeled after CGRect. One of the related functions to CGRect is CGRectFromString, which takes a string, parses and create a CGRect structure. When I was trying to implement CGAspectRatioFromString, I tried using regular expressions. I used (regexpal)[] to test a regular expression, and it works well, but when trying to use NSRegularExpression, I can't quite get it to work. If I directly put in my regex from regexpal to NSRegularExpression, it gives me an error (2048). If I escape some of the characters, I can get it to initialize, but it doesn't match my (correct) strings. After a day of working with it, I gave up and decided to manually parse out the two numbers I needed to create the aspect ratio structure.

I used NSRegularExpressions a couple times before, but nothing complicated. I need to read up on NSRegularExpression because Apple's documentation here is surprisingly lacking, which isn't usually the case.

Peter Piech

The latest round of commits since the Shuttle Tracker feature was fully implemented represents a stage in development that this project has not before been in: active collaboration.

Jacob Abramson "beta tested" the application on the Android emulator and noticed some things that needed to be changed. He then made the changes himself and pushed them to the repository. These changes include the sorting of the LaundryFragment listview elements by laundry room name and the removal of the degree symbol for the Kelvin unit of measure when selected by the user.

He also pointed out that the app would crash if Gooogle Play Services is not installed upon selecting the Shuttles menu option. I have fixed this in the same manner as the MapFragment now.

Future upcoming changes include a background image for the WeatherFragment and further debugging and bug fixes.

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