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Samuel Yuan

With the summer nearing an end, I am working on polishing the UI.

The panel for reservations now shows the actual restaurant layout. This should make mapping tables to reservations much easier for restaurant management. Also, I have begun testing the website security, making sure that it is safe from common attacks such as cross-site scripting and SQL injection.

As for next week, I will make further improvements to the reservation system and any other panels that I feel need extra work.

Aleksey Klimchenko

Since the last update, I've not had as much time to work on the project as I'd like. However, I have much more time this week to work on the project, as I'm between exam weeks.

While I had no problem implementing the choose-1 game for 13+ card-games, getting the choose-2 game has been proving difficult to implement. I had to rewrite a bunch of the methods used for displaying cards, and had to create multiple helper functions just to get past some irritating bugs. Going forward, I'll be changing the way the choose-2 game works by separating it completely from the choose-1 game. The major issue I've come across is having the second card chosen; while there is no problem choosing a first card, if you choose a second card of a different suit, the first card is deleted in the process, and the second card becomes the first card. I understand the issue, and believe I known how to get around the issue.... but it'll probably not be very efficient (though I'll improve it later).

Also, I bought a 4 ft x 8 ft white board recently for under $40 from Home Depot! It's been a great help for working out some of the changes that I'd like to make, and I highly recommend it to anyone that is doing any kind of brainstorming.

Michael Gardner

This is taking forever. I've had other things to do during the week so I am a little behind; a drone doesn't fund itself. I have finished soldering solid ends to all the ESC and all the three pin headers so they can connect to the receiver. I had to figure out the dilemma of extending the wires for power to the esc to the battery. I do not want to use the solid wire to connect it because it has a smaller cross sectional area which would lead to a lower resistance and a higher amperage, which could lead to things melting. I could not find thicker solid wire online that could be shipped in time, so I took three of my solid wires and weaved them together; if I have them in parallel, the current will be divided so I do not have to worry about them getting too hot.

I have finished the issue with the library for my programming. The problem was that the library was not up to date even though the IDE was the newest IDE you could download. I realized this when I was searching Arduino's Github page and found a push that's about a month old of the corrected code. I downloaded it and have fixed the problem.

I have begun some CAD work for the case for the arduino. It's slow going because I have not used this software before and I am learning as I go. I know NX CAD. I might switch to that if I know it can export it to .stl

Mukkai Krishnamoorthy
Summer session is slowly coming to an end. The projects are proceeding along -
The students are working on their projects. All but one group had their presentations.
They are also anxious to bring their projects to completion.
 I suspect that we will get  at least (our usual) 30% success rate .

I hope the students learnt about working on open source projects this summer. Loking forward to thir "completed" projects soon.
Patrick Hesselbach

As the summer winds down we have begun to think about what we need to do to get where we want to be. Making the site hosted on the server has proven to be more problematic that we first thought so that is priority number one. Mongoose and Visual Studio don't seem to be playing well with each other for the search feature but we hope to push through our issues as this is the main feature we need to get working. The final goal is a sorted "Leader Board" for trade-able items based on our ranking system. It's going to be tough to get everything done in time for the summer but we think we can do it.

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