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Jonathan Wrona

I've been working on getting the spell lists aspect of Table Tome working a lot recently, and I'm finally at a point where I can say they're almost done. The front-end is done (minus a few additions that I realized needed adding today, specifically some way to delete a spell list or spells in it, as well as capping a user to 5 spell lists). The back-end is going to be a bit more involved but I know how I'm going to do it (I just need to find the time). I also know exactly what I need to do in order to connect them smoothly.

Hopefully I can finish that up in the next week or so, because I want to get this to the point where I can "release" it to the public (aka r/dnd), and I can sit back from developing features for a bit and focus on squashing bugs and moderating the site.

I should also write some tests...

Mukkai Krishnamoorthy

Summer Semester came to an end.  We had usual turnout (barring two singleton groups). Most of the groups  have contributed to the projects as much as possible. Avi pathched X11 code and he had submitted his patch. Congratulations Avi. Congratulations to every one who have made sincere effort to learn and work on their projects.

Off to Fall Semester!
Samuel Yuan

With the summer session for RCOS coming to an end, I can say that I accomplished everything I had planned to do at the beginning. I definitely learned a lot about ASP.NET programming, as well as web design in general. Even better, I added some new majorfeatures, such as a reservation system, which was not in the original plan, but one that I thought was important for the project.

As for improvements to this project, I believe that some of the webpages could be redesigned to look better. I focused mostly on getting the backend working first, and then redesigned the UI if I had extra time. Also, given that this site is designed for restaurants, I was hoping to visit some restaurants and show them our website and give us feedback on how to improve.

PriorityQ • 26 weeks ago
Barry Hu

With the summer session coming to an end, so does our work on this project for now. While we didn't accomplish as much as we would have liked to, I think we've done a lot this summer. We got a fair amount of the front-end built and set up. We got a website waiting to be hosted, and it's looking real nice. The skeleton for the graph is there on the front page. Barring the small kinks that would need fixing, all it needs is a search feature and data to pulled in. As of now, we have the everything sitting on our server with no real way of being constantly up. On the back-end, we got the server cleaned up and ready. We've also switched to a new API and are now using data from there. At the end of the day, we made good progress considering we primarily had to learn everything we needed. If this project were to continue in the future, I'd love to keep working on it.

Michael Gardner

My progress has been delayed by twothings. I had my birthday this weekend and I have a final I am studying for. I have been set back on my CAD design because my girlfriend spilled coffee on my laptop this morning and I possibly lost that information. I am waiting for the laptop to dry out before starting it up to see if it will work. She was pretty upset but it isn't her fault. Accidents happen.

Hopefully I'll have better luck this next week.

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