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Kevin Zheng

There was a lot done since the last blog post. The biggest change was changing how the detection works. Before, I planned on having the app fire a notification at night hours the moment the user's distance from one of their home locations exceeded a certain customizable threshold. However, a better way of doing things is to send the notification the instant the user enters their home location at night hours. This is better because the notification would then fire (ideally, sans GPS inaccuracies) as soon as they leave their car and are walking to their house. In addition, the app now plays a sound and vibrates upon notification, so the user would be reminded pretty aggressively.

I plan on publishing the Android version before moving on to the iOS version. In retrospect this would take a little more work than anticipated, due to the complexity of publishing. In addition, I plan to make a "help" website that gives details on how to use the app, as the way the app works, by nature, is not too intuitive.

Jim Boulter
Facebook Login AND QR Code joining of groups is nearly complete!

I migrated from an external library for QR Code to roll-your-own AVFoundation code using a subview and code.

This is crunch time, and the app store is coming soon.

MeNext • 10 hours ago
Paul Revere

SUCCESS! I got selenium running with a little bit of code. It basically takes over a browser window and allows you to give the browser input through python code. We will soon be able to scroll to the bottom of a friends page and load the html of said page to get the id's of someone's friends. I will implement it in our project tomorrow, but we are back on track to collect data and I am happy.


Vest • 14 hours ago
Nicholas Grippo

After some setbacks and a long search we found the best SDK for our app. Vuforia is a cross platform SDK that has the necessary computer vision-based image recognition needed for our app. Vuforia offers two options for developing, you can either write a single native app or use a Unity base package. Both methods would allow you to reach the most users across the widest range of smartphones and tablets but unity has the built in rendering engine.

Tommy Fang
Hello everyone, I've updated the concept document considerably. We've been pretty busy working, so we're trying our best to polish this game and make it playable. Several major bugs have been fixed and the current state of the game is functional. We're optimizing the way we load data from files and I've also added a part of the plot to the game document, but I don't want to spoil the entire story. It's just a draft and I plan on editing it much more. I will continue organizing the document and making it more readable.

Thanks for reading,

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