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Sebastian Sarbora

Hey guys,

Now that the start of school excitement is dying down we are getting into actually working on Neptune. Essentially, the goal for this semester is to have something that can move and see.

Veronica and Dan will be working on designing and creating Motor controller boards for each of the six motors(2 for each axis of movement) as well as power management and batteries.

Charlotte is currently working on sending and receiving data between the main controller and the host computer over HTTP via an ethernet module.

Jazmine will be working on the program that will actually communicate with Neptune, with the main tasks being Interpreting USB gamepad controls and developing the UI.

I will also be working on the program, specifically on interfacing with the webcam, which uses HTTP and streaming mjpeg to send video. I will also work on the main controller for motion control algorithms so that the rover moves smoothly in both translation and rotation, and to possibly have some balance type control.

The hope is to be able to use the gamepad to send commands over to the controller that move the motors while simultaneously receiving video. A secondary goal is to actually test it in the water, assuming we are able to get all of the mechanics of waterproofing and buoyancy worked out by the end of the semester.

Keenan Sanchez

I sent an email to the webmaster of the Delmar-Bethlehem EMS website a few weeks ago and finally got a response yesterday. I said that I wanted to add functionality such that our database could be accessed through their site. Here was Bob's response:

"Hi Keenan,

I apologize it has taken me so long to reply to you regarding this. I think your desire to create a database with images of the EMTs CMEs is commendable. At this time, Delmar-Bethlehem EMS is in a period of transition from our previous administrator to a future named administrator. In addition, we are working to streamline our CME program. I will review your recommendation with our Chief and will contact you once we know the direction we intend to proceed.

Thank you, Bob"

Not exactly a breakthrough but I find feedback like this to be (oddly) motivating. You'd think it'd be more motivating to receive constructive criticism -- something that moves you closer to the finish line.

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Tommy Fang
Hey guys, we'll be focusing on code review for about a month or so in order to fix all the bugs and ensure that we are able to deliver beta by the end of the semester. We've organized the code visually and are working hard to fix every single bug. I've also began focusing more on the game concept document ideas. I'll organize this document and make it readable so I can share it with everyone. We'd like to hear some feedback on our project once we get beta rolling, so we can begin the iterative design process.

I'm really focusing on the story and I want to make sure that the world isn't bland and I hope to make you want to explore the world we're creating here. Great plot and character development is difficult, but I want to 
Daniel Lowe

Starting to re-write the interactions with images that are written in matplotlib into Qt to make them cleaner, more responsive and more elegant.

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With a new semester comes more time and resource to work on Docktor, as well as a new set of goals for us to just barely make! Below is the schedule for the next 12 weeks, expect a usable shipped application by the end of it!

Week 1-3: Decide on basic UI design and lay out framework for such.

Week 4-6: Work with different OS X input packages and find fastest responding framework for using key combos to change docks

Week 7-9: Implement custom key combos into the user interface

Week 10-12:Touch up interface and Command Line Tool set, bundle into single package and ship!

Reach goals:
Gesture support
Re-writing DockUtil framework in Obj C
Re-writing entire project in Swift

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