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Michael Gardner

So I found a replacement microcontroller. Finally. I picked the Arduino Zero and it will be at my house by this Tuesday (two days). I was hoping for something a bit different but this will work I think. I'll update with more info on the controller soon. The driving for for picking it was that it had i2c and pwm. It lacks other things compared to the multiwii controller but I think we can manage.

Mukkai Krishnamoorthy
Summer 2015 RCOS Students

Thanks to Dr. Goldschmidt for holding the fort for three weeks when I was way in India. He also changed the format - with the group being small we could afford to do it. Essentially our group meeting is like a small, we asked each group to update on their projects.

To start of Rob Rouhani talked about his game playing software (DLL libraries) and how to make a systematic method of generating DLL libraries for various operating systems. His software is being used bya number of people.

Avi talked about his project. Though he did not make progress, his previous patch has been accepted.

Eve on line market Analysis talked next. They showed a static web page. They are having trouble with PHP.  David G has volunteered to help. They are also thinking of moving to Javascript and node.js

Sam talked about Priority Queue. He is making progress slowly but steadily. His webpage is complete. His system uses social aspects to calculate the waiting time.

Study Buddy presentatin went off well. They are making progress both in the backend as well as at the front end (Android).  They had some problem with Git - Luckily Avi was able to help them out.

Memory Mason did not have much to report (Aleksyhas been busy with courses). He has to shape up if he wants to accomplish anything with this project.
Michael Gardner

Everything has shipped. Awesomeness. Still looking for a micro controller. If anyone has any ideas, I'd love to hear them. gardnm4 (at) rpi (dot) edu. thanks!

Michael Gardner

I have resolved my issue with with parts. They are processing the order and will be shipping it soon. The microcontroller was backordered so I cancelled it and am looking for a replacement. I'll post when I find one.

Jonathan Wrona

The back-end that the user system is being built on is now functional! The registering works, as well as logging in, and I set up the admin routes middle-ware that determines whether a user can access the admin functionality based on their access token.

The next step is connecting the front-end login / register page with the back-end system. Getting spell lists working after that should be relatively easy as I already have a solid idea of how the back-end needs to work for that to be functional.

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