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After a lot of experimentation and development, I’m finally happy enough with inSquare to ship! Version 1.0 brings a full settings page, allowing the user to choose between 3 different display modes as well as a toggle for vibrate-on-disconnect. The newest release can be installed from the app store here, and all the code is on GitHub. This release makes splitSquare obsolete, so be sure to install inSquare for the latest support!

Now that inSquare is shipped, inColor is the priority. Thanks as always for reading, be sure to keep checking in as production of inColor advances!
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inSquare • 7 hours ago
David Chen

The lack of a native machine for the IOS development has significantly slowed the progress of the app development. However, I managed to get a version of Mavericks working through virtualbox as a temporary solution. The Xcode IDE is full of helpful tools and navigation is made very easy. As with most app development, there are so many files in the project making some hard to find, but Xcode has a Open Quickly" dialog (CMD + SHIFT + O) that allows you to type any part of a file to open. Most of the GUI for the app are complete and will be uploaded to bitbucket. One drawback about using virtualbox and OSX is the difficult to commit the bitbucket with which I am still figuring out. -David C

Share It • 10 hours ago
John Behnke

Another addition that I managed to get working over break was the UIDatePicker implementation. The major challenge was not simply adding the Date Picker to the Ride Creation screen (That would be relatively simple and maybe take 5 minutes). The real challenge was getting it to disappear when not selected. In order to make the design a bit cleaner, I wanted the Date Picker to collapse into the TextField that actually displays the selected time/date. This is what a lot of the stock apps do; however, there is no easy built method to do it.

While the UIDatePicker has "hide" method, it simply turns the Picker transparent and not collapse it. What I ended up implementing was a system that checks to see if a user selects the cell that contains the Date information. It then checks a a bool to see if the Date Picker is hidden. If it is already hidden, it tells the cell to "redraw" to the height of the date picker, thus revealing it. If the Date Picker is already showing, it "redraws" the cell with e height of 0, thus hiding the Date Picker.

At this point, I may start to rework how rides are displayed, since the next logical step for the Ride Creation would be to add friends, which we are still working on.

Another huge update after another long night of coding! Our most demanded feature, vibrate on Bluetooth disconnect, has been implemented! The implementation wasn’t too bad, and as this key feature helps users know when they’ve went a good distance from their phone, we plan to write a guide on how it was implemented to help other developers.

Dynamically generating Split View without pictures wasn’t as hard as expected, just some number crunching and code formatting. What was a much greater challenge was sending messages with multiple bits of data….

Anyways, most of the raw functionality we wanted for normal Pebble users is finally completed, so our focus can now fully shift to the Pebble Time!

As always, the most up to date version of inSquare can be compiled and installed from our GitHub repo. Thanks again for staying up to date on inSquare, and expect a new Pebble Store release and info on inColor soon!

inSquare • 2 days ago
Jim Boulter
Not too much to report this week.  Very sick mixed with spring break.  However progress is being made nonetheless by my team.  MeNext will look better than ever after the semester is out! :)

MeNext • 2 days ago
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