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Abby Lopaty

found a great presentation from Diversified CPC International, INC with more specific information about aerosol propellants. specifically ballpark figures of internal pressure and other pieces of information, Although half of the document is related to the transport of aerosol propellants, this is a good place to start developing the equations that will determine impact pressure and the distance achieved by launch.

Ji Woong Baek

As many of you may have known, I have worked on the menu-parser solely for the purpose of re-writing the code the last two months. Fewer know that I've been working on this for two and a half of a month. :)

However, I have determined that the code rewrite is complete as of the last commit and I am planning on leaving the fork behind me and continuing work on JelloRanger/menu-scraper.

As a result, I will modify the project to reflect that and no longer support code from the hydroArgentum/menu-scraper repository.

However, if any of you want to see old code, (whether its the old code in the master branch or the original code in the archive branch), here is a link:

Thank you for your time.

Nicholas Pitt

We're very proud to announce version 1.0 of OpenLab. This release includes an extensive plugin framework, loading config files, editing config files on-the-fly, and saving them back to xml. Coming up next is calibration and logging plugin support.

OpenLab • 11 hours ago
Nicholas Pitt

Plugins are now working! We ran into a problem with threading along the way, i.e. getting the control form's update thread to call a plugins' update method which in turn updates all of its' fields on the form, but the problem has been resolved (via delegates). With plugins complete we are very close to being on schedule. Next on the agenda is saving, editing, and calibration context menus...

Earlier this week, we made our first presentation to RCOS. Everything seems to have gone well. We have made a substantial amount of progress for a new pre-alpha project. We have our last presentation in about two weeks, and hopefully we will have a working alpha.

Here are the slides from our presentation:

Ted Tenedorio
Pokemon RPI • 2 days ago
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