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Tausif Ahmed

When the IOS side of the project was first taking off, some of our functions were quite questionable in the ways that they achieved their purpose. All of those issues regarding how processes were accomplished have been fixed as of latest code merge.

Jacob Lowey

Over the past several weeks, I have begun the creation of a graphical user interface for my project. I am working on building it so that it is simple to understand as well as pretty to look at. While the second goal is still a work in progress, all aspects of the GUI are currently extremely intuitive if the person has used a computer before and are familiar with how media systems work. Database interaction has mostly been completed and so the next step is going to be to link the two aspects of the application.

Tommy Fang
We are focusing on the work we've done so far and making sure it all fits in the system. This includes unit testing, automated testing, and meticulously reading through the code. I will continue to improve the documentation so that others may follow our progress more closely.

Hey everyone! I want to stary by thanking all of you for the awesome success that was the inSquare v1.0 launch. I had high hopes, but everyone’s excitement greatly exceeded even my highest ones. With a post on reddit nearing 70 upvotes, and over 200 downloads, I couldn’t be happier with the launch!

This excitement has kept us coding of course, which is why we’re already trying to introduce new features for v1.1 . This version introduces Bottom Battery Bar, a subtle way of displaying your Pebble’s battery by shortening the length of the bar at the bottom of the clock. I have another way of displaying this I plan on introducing soon, but have packaged just Bottom Battery Bar in v1.1 to gauge interest in checking battery life.

Feel free to let us know in the comments what you think of Bottom Battery Bar, and any other feedback you have about v1.0 or v1.1 . Thank you all so much for this incredible launch, can’t wait to keep making awesome watch faces for you all!

inSquare • 14 hours ago
Charles Machalow

There is now a backend in place for a custom fade keyboard shortcut. The frontend for the user to set it is a work-in-progress (though will hopefully be done by the end of this week.

In related news... I've been using the Keys Enum for key-press-related-things and the enumerations seem kind of repetitive to me, in some cases. As an example you have LControl (RControl), Control, ControlKey, etc. Not entirely sure what the difference between Control and ControlKey is but alright. Potato, Pohtahto. It bothers me that the standard documentation for Keys doesn't provide an int value for each enumeration, I found it on a different website (props: It's useful to have the int values for saving things to the settings file and seeing what the application does.

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