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Josh Goldberg


The first session at Shen happened today, 2:45 to 3:45. It's interesting to see the site being used by high school students who haven't coded before, as Shaker students predominantly already knew Java (and introd to Python using, and Hope 7 students were a lot younger. They definitely went through it a lot slower, but for the most part I think after a session or two more they'll be able to get the lessons pretty well.

alan schimmel

We have been working on our project from two sides, the first is the planning side thinking about the end users experience, and the other is getting the actual hardware designed in such a way that enables the easiest end user experience. To accomplish this we have incorporated an Arduino bootloader compatible MCU into our schematic. The TI Battery Management chips we are using communicate using SPI. Because of the arduino environment, we will be writing libraries for our chip, so that the end user can use simple commands in the code that will be written (ex. MeasureV(), BalanceCell2() ) By hard coding all the leg work inside an arduino library, the main C file will be very clean and almost like English, and that will make our board less intimidating to those will less coding experience.

The schematic is being created in the software KiCad, and we plan to finish the schematic by the end of the weekend. Next week we will take our schematic and turn it into a PCB layout and by the following week have boards and parts ordered.

Zachary Minster

After multiple weeks of trying to fix bugs with getting our Parse database working, I am happy to announce that the backend is up and kicking! Querying and posting from the app is finally doable! I have created a simple friend request feature that is integrated with the database. Right now, the user has to manually enter the name of the friend to add. However, soon I hope to have a search feature for friends to allow users to navigate through a list of other users that are potential friends. I am currently working on finishing the friend request implementation on the back end (which is much more complicated than anticipated, since Parse only allows interaction with the currentUser object. Meaning that friendships out of the box can only occur one way. But I have a work around that should work, and am working on its implementation now) as well as creating a way for users to view current outstanding friend request and accept/deny them. Since I haven't worked on the UI side for a while, Im playing catch up this week trying to learn from John's progress. The goal is in the next few weeks to have a fully functional friend system integrated with the app. Then, we will work on merging the iOS backend with the Android backend so that the app can work completely cross-platform. It is an exciting time for me and for the entire Where R U? team! --Zach

Aaron Gunderson

I have been working on the backend API integration with Github and through together a little front end test too. Progressing at a reasonable pace. Working with the team getting their development environments set up. They will soon be claiming features and working on them. Can't wait to get everything up and running!

Blake Lingenau

The needed first step has been taken. Basically we had a text file with with information on an item and its corresponding itemID. I wrote some code that would parse through this file and extract which items are usable. Some items are non-tradeable so I made API calls for each itemID, determining if there was a sell quantity. I stored all the relevant items in a .csv file. Our next step would be to efficiently store this data in some sort of database and have it update itself every so often to account for additions of new items or the discontinuing of old items.

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