Rensselaer Center for Open Source Software

Amy Zheng

After trying to implement the calendar function on the website, I still wasn't able to achieve that. Kiana is currently looking into the problem. Meanwhile, I will try to use a different method to display the events instead of calendar.

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Rob Russo

The database is coming along and we almost have our server up and running. Hopefully we'll have a live site soon

Toshi Piazza

Some test cases have been written in Gtest, the google test framework, in order to find and comb through regressions. Also, we are looking for a more elegant way than by crashing to test that our plugin's virtual method's work; since they have been dynamically loaded that could potentially be a problem, especially across compilers. If anyone has a nice way to test that let us know!

Zaran Lalvani

I've successfully implemented the DownloadQueue API call such that it returns plausible dummy information. This means that the renter portion of the simulator is essentially complete and we can now move on to testing the new Sia UI dart interface and begin work on the GUI.

Mukkai Krishnamoorthy
We have just two weeks left. We had a slateful o talks this week (like last week). Our room;s HDMI refused to unctiona nd people had difficulty using their mac.

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