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Ethan Richards

This week was spent fixing a multitude of problems that seemed to come out of nowhere.

Most of the work went into fixing these bugs and resolving issues.

Some work was done on creating more sound effects for the game and creating music as well.

A little more tweaking was done on the anti-gravity mode.

Wesley Miller

The VR library we chose to work with is turning out to be more than we can handle at this point. We're switching over to generating the terrain and viewing it in a standard OpenGL viewer and also exporting it as an obj file to be used in other applications.

TRF • 4 days ago
Peter Piech

The latest commit on the repository includes the full implementation of the Shuttle Tracker feature among various other tweaks. The timeline for releasing version 1.0 on the Google Play Store is on schedule. The app should be released by around March 5th.

Other changes to note: The weather fragment no longer allows the user to change the location, but more importantly, it now uses the correct city of Troy, NY to display the data by default. Before this change, the actual city that was returned by the OpenWeatherMap API was inconsistent. Also, a license has been added for the project. I have chosen to use the Apache 2.0 license at this time. The version number has been bumped to reflect all of the major changes this semester.

There are some small tasks that I am looking to accomplish before releasing version 1.0 in May. I want to get a background image of the campus for the weather fragment to enhance the appearance of the app without bloating the APK. It is the first impression the app will have on the user since it shows up first, so special care is being taken in the selection process. I also will continue to test and debug any issues with the app as is.

In future semesters, I plan on implementing the RPI Directory and MorningMail features and also improving the existing Twitter, Athletics, and Events features.

Patrick Doyle

I learned that if I used sockets i would have to deal with deadlocking, which was not something i wanted to do. I created a web app, that will perform the necessary procedures on the data. I set up a flask framework, still need to implement OCR on there but it successfully makes requests to Wolfram and returns the correct answer.


We have new members on Peirce Logic!
Steven Cropp, and David Kim are now ( again! ) part of our team.

Lots of issues have been addressed since the GREAT REFACTOR OF 2013.
  • Saving and loading proofs now works
  • You can quickly view the goal from any state now
  • UI selection difficulties with tablets and small variables have been addressed
  • Lookahead for similar states prevents you from creating equivalent branches on the timeline
  • Timeline navigation buttons work properly again
  • Goal state checking has been fixed
  • Cut and variable overlays do not happen anymore
We plan on finishing up the remainder of the git issues and then going on to tablet features.
Dimitre Dimitrov
Peirce-Logic • 1 week ago
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