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Michael Gardner

Sorry about the lack of posts. I've been waiting on parts still. On Friday, three days ago, I decided that it's been long enough and that I need to complain to the supplier because the parts should have arrived. I contacted and the following became clear: my order did not go through, they did not tell me that it did not go through, and the order failed in such a way that I couldn't just reorder it.

On Friday night I got the credit through to them so they have the payment. However they needed a bank statement to confirm it to prevent fraud. I tried to log into my bank account and it was marked for fraud because I logged on in an odd way and was locked out. It told me to contact costumer service to resolve it. They are not open on the weekend.

Today, I called the the bank and sorted it out. I have access to my account and the history of transactions. I contact hobbyking through their costumer service 24-hour chat service and tell them the good news. I send them the transaction statement and they tell me it does not work because it is not a 'bank statement'. I tell them it is. They say it is not. I ask what information is missing so I can identify the right statement they are looking for. They tell me to fill out a ticket because my problem is more difficult than they thought. I filled out the ticket and am now waiting.

What they problem meant by bank statement is the statement I get at the end of the month. However it is not the end of the month yet so I cannot give that to them.

Hopefully I will get this resolved soon.

Samuel Yuan

For this past one and a half week, I've been adding some extra features, which will streamline the process of waiting for restaurants.

The first is a news feed, which allows restaurants to post offers for discounts, a new dish, or anything else the restaurant wants to let people know. The news feed is displayed on the bottom of the site, so it shouldn't interfere with anything important.

The second is a reservation system, which allows users to reserve tables before going to the restaurant. Reserving a table will allow the customer to avoid waiting at all. This is assuming that there are tables available. If the restaurant is completely booked, then the second alternative would be waiting in the priority queue, which is still efficient. Either way, the customer has more options to streamline the waiting process.

Daniel Baek

Project is complete! Although, I do regret that the project did not complete quite like I wanted it to.

Let's look back at the objectives of the project itself.

First, this project was designed to create a pressure sensor. The original method was to utilize the conductive properties of conductive foam to create the pressure sensor. However, during testing, the resistance of the conductive foam could not be determined, therefore, I decided to use a simple aluminum foil pressure pads.

Next, the pressure pads would have been read by an Arduino Uno R3 and turned into a HID keyboard signal. This actually worked. However, the response of the Arduino was too delayed and could not handle quick input/output.

Although it is not complete in the truest sense, there are many improvements in design that I could research (i.e. using the Leo (interrupt) or the Due (faster)), but, due to time and budget constraints, I will pursue these at a later time.

Updates will be made to the Github repo soon. If anyone can offer up some speed improvements, please feel free to email me.

Daniel Baek

Hey, RCOS! I have finally moved out of Troy and returned home. Therefore, I will not be able to attend the meetings. However, I will now be posting weekly presentations on the StepDuino Slack channel. If you are interested in the progress of the project, there will be updates on this blog and updates on the Slack channel!

Jonathan Wrona

The back-end for user accounts is giving me a bit of trouble, so I began to design the pages that relate to a user and their experience with Table Tome. The first step was creating a login/register page, which is in a final stage (I think).

Next comes the profile page (or maybe just a settings page) for now. Not sure what would go here, but that's what I'll be spending the next few days working on. I need to alter the spell table and spell modal so that a spell can be saved to a custom list that a user may develop for a character. Once these are designed I will refocus my efforts on getting the back-end running, just got tired of struggling for now.

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