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Sheng Guan Tu • 1 day ago
Sheng Guan Tu • 1 day ago
Charles Machalow

Woot I have hit 100 commits to cDashboard! Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anywho, the latest one was a tiny bug fix. Changing a cSticky background color on the fly would result in some old color artifacts being left behind. This is no longer a thing, as apparently the backcolor for the form wasn't being updated.

While I was at it, I refactored the replaceSetting-related code using a newer cForm API for replaceSetting. This cForm API lets us use 1 line where I used to use 14!

Peter Piech

Today, while implementing the dynamic weather images framework, I came across a nasty bug in which the app would crash if you tried to open either the Map or Shuttles fragments. This bug was actually brought to my attention yesterday by Andy Kakkaramadam who was going to demonstrate it to me, but the app functioned correctly, so I wrote it off as a network connectivity issue. Turns out it was not network connectivity, but actually something more sinister.

I was reviewing the Google Maps API usage tracker and saw that there was a massive drop in the number of API calls beginning after a spike on October 24, 2014. This proved to me that the bug does exist and it was not Andy's imagination. Then I experienced this inexplicable problem on my own personal Android smartphone.

I discovered the issue to be internal (i.e. not an external issue with the network connectivity or API outage). For whatever reason, the FragmentManager.findFragmentById() method was returning null instead of a SupportMapFragment as it always has and ended up causing a NullPointerException that crashes the app. Why would this occur? I don't know why the compiled binary would suddenly start failing on existing installations, but I fixed it simply enough by changing the FragmentManager by using a call to Fragment.getChildFragmentManager() rather than FragmentActivity.getSupportFragmentManager().

Also in this release are the dynamic weather images. Currently, there are only two images available, but as winter approaches, you can expect me to add in proper images for those conditions as well.

Last thing in this release is the fix by Taoran "Tom" Li for the HTML escape characters that were appearing in the Events fragment.

Development continues, but with all of these unexpected delays for fixing bugs, I'm not entirely sure the RPI Directory feature will be implemented during the remainder of the semester. I may have to push that off for the future of the app. The release of version 1.1 in December 2014 may also be canceled due to this.

Tausif Ahmed

I have been enrolled into the Apple Developer Program as of today. We will now be able to perform real world testing of our app on Apple devices as well as now be able to submit the app to Apple's App Store.

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