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Smart Schedule is a iOS application which create a 7-day time schedule designed for university students for multifunctions.
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Smart Schedule • 1 day ago
Robert Rouhani

As of about a week ago SharpNav has been available on NuGet (C# package manager) for users to try out before a 1.0 release.

I've already gotten 3 useful issues opened on my GitHub repository by 2 different people:

I have a milestone laid out for a 1.0 release, which will probably happen at the end of the semester once we have enough feedback from users as well as from building up an editor.

I will also probably pull the editor and the examples out into their own repositories to keep things cleaner. At the moment, both will break when trying to compile for a platform other than OpenTK or Standalone. This will break Observatory's ability to make sure I'm still doing work, but there should be plenty of work being done on the library alonside the editor and example project.

David Kim
The library that is going to be used for touch/gesture has been decided.

We have decided to use hammer.js to implement gestures and recognize inputs from touch devices.

As of right now, our top priority is to finalize complete touch compatibility with the webapp.
Later on we may add gestures to remove the dependence on the context menu on small screens.
Arya Seghatoleslami

So we've been playing around with a bunch of stuff - maps API, users, UI and layouts - but this week we're focusing on the meaty content. Yes, that means the actual posts about free food events and the feed that shows them all. We expect to finish this and be able to have our first presentation by this Friday! Woohoo!

Chandler Dunn

I have been working on the homepage HTML code, CSS/Bootstrap styling, and jQuery functionality for the buttons. In addition to the upvote/downvote buttons that were in place before, I've added a stats button (view poll results and graph of responses), an expand button (most likely will open post up in new tab, allowing for viewing of expanded results, actual voting form, and comments), favorite button (not finalized, may change to something else) and a share button (not final either, probably will just copy the URL for the post's page into clipboard for now to avoid needing different social media's APIs). The next step is to work on coordinating the front end elements with the back end parts that Spencer has been working on. I will also be working on the "new post" form and the comments form. EDIT: I also designed a killer logo

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