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RPI Mobile for Android

RPI Mobile is an effort to provide students, faculty, and vistors with a mobile experience that enables interaction with the campus and community by bringing together many different data sources from around campus into one convenient location.

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A web based Existential Graph proof system!

Check out our website above!

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Social file-sharing website.

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DyamoRIO Projects

Contribute to the Dr. Memory and DynamoRIO projects. A full list of possible projects can be found here:

Our projects:
* Front-end library
* Dr. Heapstat data visualization
* Analyze Windows system calls in order to remove false positives from Dr. Memory's error reports.

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Takes an input WAV file song, and outputs sheet music as a MusicXML file.

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Popcorn Panic

Popcorn Panic is a mobile game in development for Android and iOS phones and tablets using Unity 2D and C#. Currently there is a prototype build working online. The initial plan was conceived during a three hour game jam at the very beginning of the year. The gameplay consists of the player clicking on kernels in a microwave that pop into popcorn. The player has a set time to try to pop as many kernels as possible. The current build consists of a single level with 60 kernels to pop in 30 seconds.
The goal for the semester is to release a fully functional app by early May. This app will improve on the original concept by adding levels and game modes. E.g. popping kettlecorn, playing in zero gravity, shorter timer or more kernels to pop, endless mode, movie theater mode etc. More ideas to come in development. We also plan to implement local high scores, online leaderboards, and social media integration.
Social media and mobile development are booming areas in modern life. No one in this group has a high level of experience working in either, but everyone is fully committed to improving their Unity knowledge and any required APIs.

Projected Timeline:
2/8 – Highscores and more complex scoring
2/15 – Added new levels with similar physics
2/22 – No gravity physics
3/1 – Alpha – additional level creation
3/22 – Additional sound triggers and music
3/29 – Beta – online leaderboards and social media integration
4/3 – Release 1.0 – all known bugs fixed

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AVRPhone is an attempt to simplify and condense classic phone functionality while keeping modern security and openness in mind. The project aims to use a combination of easily accessible off-the-shelf hardware and clear and modular open source software in pursuit of this goal.

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Music request service with a hint of democracy.

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TRF is a world generator and exploration tool. It will create worlds procedurally, focusing on intelligently built terrain constructs for a realistic environment. Many biomes will be available to create varied worlds. Some constraints will be made available for the construction of the world, in order to limit different environment variables, and the world will be able to be generated indefinitely in any direction. In addition to building worlds, it will allow a user to explore the newly created environment and even allow users to import other user-created worlds or map data from 3D Google Maps to explore.

The ultimate goal for this project is to run it on virtual reality displays, including the CAVE at Brown University and the Emergent Reality Lab at RPI. Head-mounted displays, like the Oculus Rift, are also a target, but the CAVE and ERL are the focus.

TRF will be usable as a base for games and simulations that aim to have dynamic or procedurally generated environments and will also export map data for use with outside programs.

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Fast Math

Fast Math is an android application which will be run through Google Glass. The Glass will will capture an image of a mathematic problem or equation and will process the image, and create and input to Wolframalpha, giving options of what the user wants to do with the eqation.

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RPI Plan of Study

This project originates from the Plan of Study project identified by the Advising Task Force in 2002.

The goal of the Plan of Study project is to create an open-source electronic planning tool designed to meet two important advising objectives at RPI.

First, a key objective is to help students and advisors by providing them a means to creating a “roadmap” of the student’s courses taken and to be taken; such a plan would be documented and stored in a database (e.g. Banner). This creates an accurate data retrieval system that is accessible to the advisor, advisee, and any other relevant parties. This will be particularly helpful for advisors and students who aim to graduate with a dual major or consider changing majors. Advisors will work from the same documents to help students plot out their course selections, ensuring they will reach their academic goals in four years (or the relevant time frame).

A second key advising objective is to facilitate advisor efforts in conducting planning and advising sessions with their advisees. Specific courses listed are natural conversation openers for advisors to review student goals and progress.

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BookSwap is an elegant service to keep track of books and book transaction. Key innovations of the project are:
* Exchanges recommended to users based on others who want to buy or sell the same books as them.
* Secure integration with the Google Books API to allow users to import books to the local database if they don't yet exist.

The goal of this project is to create a user-friendly exchange that non-technical college students will feel comfortable placing entries and searching within for their new and used textbooks.

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cDashboard is an overlay for Microsoft Windows. In it's current form it allows for the creation and maintaining of sticky notes (cStickies)

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A collection of iOS user interface controls for developers to use to improve the design of everyday apps.

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Naming Zebras

Patient centered system for self identification of rare diseases

Design and implement a prototype of a web-based application for tracking symptoms and vitals from patients affected by rare diseases. This application is mostly intended to be used by families of children affected by rare diseases. This will be an application for keeping track of manifestations of symptoms across time, as well as keeping track of basic growth measures such as weight, height and head circumference.

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Pebble Panes

Pebble Panes is a watch-app for the Pebble smart watch that changes the displayed information according to user preferences, location data, and time sensitivity.

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A "culinary genome project".

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mkvsynth is a modular set of specifications designed to enable parallel video processing. It's main features include a control program that spawns and manages filters and frame streams, and a new scripting language geared towards easy manipulation of those filters and frame streams.

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A cross-platform, fully managed C# library for generating and using navigation meshes, primarily in video games.

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4xB ( Blackboard, But Better ) is an open source academic dashboard for tracking grades, homework and scheduling school work.

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RPI TV Graphics Suite

The RPI TV Graphics Suite consists of two separate but equally important components: The Titling System (RPITS), an open source graphics program designed to produce titles and graphics to be overlaid on a video feed, and an SVG-based video scoreboard overlay program.

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HIV Opensource prevention

I'm working with Dr. Eglash and various graduate and undergraduate students to design and implement open-source condom dispensers throughout Ghana. We'll do this by using digitally redistributable blueprints, locally sourced materials, and open-source software handling inventory and error reporting.

More info from previous students working on this project can be found on a few different blogs:

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RPI Mobile for iOS

RPI Mobile is an effort to provide students, faculty, and vistors with a mobile experience that enables interaction with the campus and community.

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Enables use of analog controls for League of Legends

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Pebble Analytics app.

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Chlorine (OpenCL)

Chlorine is a collection of utilities to help simplify and rapidly prototype OpenCL applications.

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Clojearne is a Machine Learning library written in Clojure

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Emissary is a set of tools and resources for League of Legends, implementing and/or extending features not offered by the official Riot Games API and the client. A secondary purpose is to provide a clean, well-documented reference for how to build applications involving League of Legends services and client features.

I am sure most people know of the game League of Legends. Emissary is a new project I started at the end of last semester to explore various undocumented features within the League of Legends Air Client. A particular target audience is the Collegiate Organizers group, where Emissary is already being used (in very pre-alpha state).

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Dataflow pipeline framework designed for data analytics problems. ProtoML aims to reduce the amount of work that goes into data analytics & machine learning projects by wrapping common models and processes into discrete parts that can be distributed among multiple systems and managed through a central server. Additionally, it will monitor long running processes and cache intermediate data without having to do anything extra.

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A drop-in replacement website for We will targeting the public facing site and members area, including DJ clearance, scheduling, work hours, and meeting attendance. The goal of this project is to develop a modular framework to ease in the deployment of private members area style sites by employing the model-view-controller architecture.

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Homework Server

A suite of UX and autograding changes to the homework server used at RPI

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King Me

An Android application for exploring, training, and competing using GPS data for bicycling.

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DGAL - Distributed Genetic Algorithm Library

Library for easily creating and running distributed genetical algorithm systems, with multiple goal types and communication schemes.

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A Django-based project management dashboard.

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C# and SQL application for creating and storing records related to managing an Animal Shelter.

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Shaken Not Stirred

Open source vibration table software and hardware

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An advanced cryptocurrency that is completely different from bitcoin - has many additional features and an entirely different method for reaching network consensus.

The protocol currently only exists as a whitepaper, and has no functional client as a physical proof-of-concept. This RCOS project will first build a bytecoin daemon to implement the whitepaper with arbitrary limits. Lessons learned from implementing the daemon will be used to create a final protocol specification.

The protocol will then be released to the bitcoin/cryptocurrency community as a finished product. The process of mining bytecoins during the testing phase should result in a very high number of coins for the early devs. If this project is successful, there is a massive potential for making money in the success of this cryptocurrency.

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Fitting models of the milkyway

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A music analysis tool which will parse either xml or midi files and track chord progressions in the files and output the result in a visual format.

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Innovative Alarm Clock (IAC)

Our project is to create a revolutionary open-source smart alarm clock. It is innovative because it wakes up both your mind and body. The user can either use an app we are creating for their phone, or a tablet they can buy from us. The user is able to input their ideal time they wish to wake-up on their phone or tablet, and the wrist-band vibrates and emits an alarm sound at that time. There is also an option the user can set to track sleep cycle and wake the user up within a chosen time frame from when they set their alarm. When this sleep cycle setting is on, the wrist-band finds the time when the user will feel best (most well rested) and most awake, and activates the alarm. The vibrating and alarm sounds coming from the wrist-band can only be disarmed by walking a distance to the user's phone or tablet, and completing a customized puzzle of varying complexity on those devices.

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Enter-lert is a single page web application that will use mainly if not all javascript to take a list of movies, video games, and books and alerts the user of the item’s release. All it will need is a name and it will automatically check reliable websites for information. Alerts can be in the form of text messages, e-mails, or in social media depending on the user preference. The application will also integrate the use of online stores and other sources to allow users easy access to products along with the alert. The application will have a simple interface, allowing it to be easy to use and organized.

Week 1: Create basic site layout with HTML and CSS
Week 2: Implement databases and store product names with some functionality
Week 3-4: Experiment with web scraping with Javascript.
Week 5: Integrate movie information searching.
Week 6: Get e-mail alerts working and experiment with text messaging and social media.
Week 7-8: Integrate video games and book information into database.
Week 9-10: Improve site functionality
Week 11 -15: Research and integrate use of stores/libraries into the site.

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Stretto will be a simple, yet fully featured, collaborative sheet music editor. See the extended description at for more.

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Shaken Not Stirred

Open source vibration table software and hardware

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VM Covert Channels

To create a sending and listening service across co-hosted virtual machines on a cloud computing platform using the exploitable and measurable behavior of Out of Order Execution. To produce an easy interface to send meaningful bytes using obfuscation.