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cDashboard is an overlay for Microsoft Windows. In it's current form it allows for the creation and maintaining of sticky notes (cStickies)

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Polytechnic NMS

A news management system, implemented for The Rensselaer Polytechnic, extensible for any newspaper's online presence.

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Food Pantry Client Database

Open Source project to create a client Database for Provisions food pantry in Troy, NY. Implementation will be in Python and SQL.

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LED Color Control

This project is a collaboration with the Smart Lighting Engineering Research Center. Most lights have very basic controls. An on/off switch or a dimmer. The goal of this project will be to develop software tools which provide more options to fine-tune LED lights. An array of LEDs produces a spectrum that is just the sum of the spectra of the individual LEDs. Each individual LED can be amplified differently, changing how much their spectrum contributes to the array spectrum. Amplify green LEDs, and you’ll get a much greener spectrum from the full array.
With this project, I’ll be trying to calculate the multipliers such that the LED array can match the color of any given input spectrum. This is made more complicated than a numerical computing problem due to the fact that the human eye does not see all colors equally. Even if two spectra are very similar, they can look very different to the eye. To account for this, a significant part of the project will be to study color science. I will be finalizing my results in a GUI that is easy to use even if you don't have the background knowledge in color science.

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Dark Matter Simulation

The objective of this project is to create an open-source dark matter ring module for Dr. Peter Teuben's stellar dynamics toolbox, NEMO ( NEMO provides an infrastructure for performing and visualizing astronomical n-body simulations. Last summer I worked with graduate student Julie Dumas and in cooperation with Dr. Pierre Sikivie to implement a calculator for the gravitational potential at a given point due to dark matter in the Milky Way. The calculator is based on Dr. Sikivie's axion dark matter model. To complete this module, new code must be written to take into account dynamical friction in Dr. Sikivie's model.

Some useful information on Dr. Sikivie's model can be found here:

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Whiteboard is an open source academic dashboard for tracking grades, homework and scheduling school work.

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E-reader app for Android that uses the Spritz SDK to improve speed reading and reading retention/comprehension.

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Question-and-answer forum webapp aimed specifically at the RPI community.

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Music request service with a hint of democracy.

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A markov chain based grammatical checker which works by deciding likelihood of words occurring in certain contexts.

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TextLock is a new Java-based messaging application meant for Android phones that uses a randomly generated key to encrypt and secure SMS messages.

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An open-source Unity toolkit.

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Kitchen Assistant

A webapp that keeps track of the ingredients and recipes in your virtual kitchen.

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Open Source Infrared communication protocol.

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There are a lot of people, organizations, and clubs that need rooms on-campus to do work in, and a lot of rooms are available. Most rooms are generally unlocked and available, but there is a hassle to determine what rooms are actually available, are in-use, and etc. No easy reference exists. Developing a quick reference to individuals that temporarily need a room would satisfy this demand.

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Open Source Lab Equipment Control Software

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Fitting models of the milkyway

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Sodexo Menu Parser

RPI Sodexo Menu Parser written in Python for integration with RPI Mobile Server.

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Sheng Guan Tu

Purposes: The objective of this project is to develop an on-line multi-player 2D-3D RPG game for iOS phones and tablets, based on a traditional Chinese strategy board game named “Sheng Guan Tu”, which is the prototype of Sugoroku, a famous Japanese board game. This game was first created in Ming Dynasty, but what we are going to develop is based on the Qing Dynasty Bureaucracy.

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Water Tag Gun

A water gun, that works like a paintball gun, but plastic printed

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MilkyWay@home server expansion

MilkyWay@home is an open-source software program that attempts to model the conditions of the early stages of the Milky Way by running N-body simulations on computers owned by volunteers worldwide. Each simulation steps a set of particles representing a dwarf galaxy through a model of the Milky Way’s gravitational potential, with six adjustable parameters representing the initial mass and radius of the dwarf galaxy’s dark matter component, initial mass and radius of the dwarf’s baryonic matter component, backward evolve time, and forward evolve time. The system then compares the end result of each simulation with the known distribution of stars in tidal streams around the galaxy. Currently, the MilkyWay@home platform is only able to optimize parameters for a single dwarf galaxy. The proposed expansion will allow the platform to optimize initial position and velocity parameters for multiple dwarf galaxies.

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RPI Walk

RPI Walk is a mobile application whose main goal is to provide RPI students with a fast and reliable way to plan routes around campus. It will give students a great scheduling tool by allowing them to map out the time required to get to their various classes on campus. The app will allow students to find multiple quick routes between two locations on-campus, add their class schedules to the app to receive notifications about appropriate times to leave for those classes, and to be able to rate the different routes found by the app.

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Enabling a new way to interact with your computer.

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This project is aimed at RCOS groups and Open Source groups that have a difficult time planning out their code and the way that they communicate with other members. After research on the matter I found that the Scrum development framework was fairly popular in software development. Scrum will be a ruby on rails/ember application that groups can use to work on their projects.

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RPHub is a RPI-centric website and accompanying mobile app or mobile version of the website that serves as a hub for clubs and independent projects to find talent in a given area of expertise. Project aims to centralize and streamline the process for finding people qualified for a given task that is usually handled inefficiently through emails and conventional social media. The site uses a filter system to assign properties to posts for easy navigation. For example, if a group is looking for a person talented in music remixing or DJing, they could put out a request for someone who meets their specification and include the tag “Music” to their post. We hope for this program to be used by not only students but also by professors who are in need of helping hands for research, class, or home needs. Some professors may need help painting parts of their house and can put out a request for it -- thereby allowing those who may want to become more friendly with the professor a chance for it. Other auxiliaries of the project include areas for textbook exchange and/or sales. We believe that this project will assist many in finding ways to involve themselves with things across campus and improve their resumes in an easy way.

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A cross-platform, fully managed C# library for generating and using navigation meshes, primarily in video games.

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Docktor (For OSX)

Docktor is an application for OSX that will allow for quick swapping of the dock icon sets, done via terminal icon changes using the open source project DockUtil.

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RPI Plan of Study

This project originates from the Plan of Study project identified by the Advising Task Force in 2002.

The goal of the Plan of Study project is to create an open-source electronic planning tool designed to meet two important advising objectives at RPI.

First, a key objective is to help students and advisors by providing them a means to creating a “roadmap” of the student’s courses taken and to be taken; such a plan would be documented and stored in a database (e.g. Banner). This creates an accurate data retrieval system that is accessible to the advisor, advisee, and any other relevant parties. This will be particularly helpful for advisors and students who aim to graduate with a dual major or consider changing majors. Advisors will work from the same documents to help students plot out their course selections, ensuring they will reach their academic goals in four years (or the relevant time frame).

A second key advising objective is to facilitate advisor efforts in conducting planning and advising sessions with their advisees. Specific courses listed are natural conversation openers for advisors to review student goals and progress.

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Pokemon RPI

A rehash of the pokemon game that centers around the RPI campus.

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Open source card game center

An open source frame work that allow people to modified or play card game like yu-gi-oh, magic,etc.

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Window Cleaning Robot

A Windows Cleaning Robot.

The robot can "stick" to window and do cleaning job. It is safe even on windows above ground level. In addition, there will be a quadcoptor "carrier" that be installed on the cleaning robot. So it can "fly" to where we want it to clean the windows and "fly" back after cleaning.

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RPI Mobile for Android

RPI Mobile is an effort to provide students, faculty, and vistors with a mobile experience that enables interaction with the campus and community by bringing together many different data sources from around campus into one convenient location.

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Contribution to OpenCores Project:,mission

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2W (When and Where)

This application can provide operation hours of all RPI facilities, organizations and buildings to its user. The interface of this application contains both a search box and category to allow users spot their target. ""Preference List" feature will be added. We also plan to include professors’ office hours if the related information is available.

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BookSwap is an elegant service to keep track of books and book transaction. Key innovations of the project are:
* Exchanges recommended to users based on others who want to buy or sell the same books as them.
* Secure integration with the Google Books API to allow users to import books to the local database if they don't yet exist.

The goal of this project is to create a user-friendly exchange that non-technical college students will feel comfortable placing entries and searching within for their new and used textbooks.

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CardSharp is a statistics calculator which will tell you the probability of winning the round. Implementation will begin for just blackjack and texas hold em.

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Android Application to process sheet music and play it back as MIDI sound.

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An online competitive gaming platform.

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A Django-based project management dashboard.

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Music Theory RPG

A role playing game that teaches the player music theory concepts. Currently a demo focusing on interval recognition.

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A quick and easy way to transfer data between 2 computers

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Hackodex is a project database and index designed to help match developers with open source projects.

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ILS is an interactive liquor shelf that integrates a touch screen application and hard-wired LEDs with an accessible and editable database.

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Anti-Distracted Driving

According to, at any given time during the day, approximately 660,000 drivers are using their cell phones or some other electronic devices. In 2011, 1.3 million car accidents involved cell phones. That’s 23% of all automobile collisions and downright unacceptable. Activists are trying to create laws to help this pressing issue but the problem is most Americans do not think it is a problem. In fact 77% of young adults are confident they can safely text while driving. As cell phones dominate more of the population and reach younger ages, it is time to look at what can be done with the cell phones to avoid such unnecessary expenses, injuries, and even deaths.
My proposal focuses around the idea of utilizing the accelerometer in smartphones. A study done by Nielson claims 70% of teens aged 13 to 17 own smartphones and 79% of young adults between the ages of 18 and 24 own a smartphone. Using the accelerometers that are standard in smartphones, one can measure acceleration and time, thereby calculating velocities at any given time based on previous measurements. Using this technology, one could disable text messaging or other programs while the phone is traveling above a certain speed that indicates the owner is driving and thus prevent distractions from the phone and lower the risks of car accidents.
So what if the owner of the phone is not driving and is in the passenger seat? Well that is the issue in this idea. However, there can be ways to add features work around it. For example, people who tend to text and drive use one hand to maneuver the steering wheel and the other to hold and use the phone. A feature that forces the user to touch all four corners of the phone before allowing usage would be easy for the passenger and not so much for the driver. Maybe even an awareness display that asks the user if he or she is driving and presents the dangers of texting while driving, may in the end save lives. This would be similar to the tobacco health warnings that are required by law to be placed on tobacco packages. Volunteers and feedback is very important and would dictate how this feature will actually be implemented. There is no perfect solution and the only way to is to take a step in the right direction, get results and feedback, then take another step.

Tong Liu
Sami Modak