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Eve Online Market Analysis Tool

The tool would use information from the API to determine what margins exist, if the item is trading at historic highs or lows, at what volume items are trading at and divided amongst how many orders. Account for players skill levels and standing to determine what fees a transaction will accrue and how this affects profitability. Eventually I would like to implement systems to identify items that are having their value artificially inflated or deflated and perhaps a companion app that would track market orders and give alerts of rapid spikes or dips in prices for items the user is interested in.

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Table Tome

A Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition toolbox.

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Lapsus Linguae

A web based tool to help you get better at public speaking!

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Homework Server

A suite of UX and autograding changes to the homework server used at RPI

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Open Source Project Tracking for RCOS

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PriorityQ is designed to make waiting for restaurants as efficient as possible.

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Study Buddy

Aid students in improving work ethic. Giving them a tool to keep track of study patterns/habits, grades, and goals. The app includes a study buddy pet that the user needs to take care of by having good study habits.

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Memory Mason

Memory Mason is an application whose aim is to train one's ability to create and store information through the Method of Loci. The final goal is to have multiple game=like exercises that are similar to the challenges given at Memory Competitions, all of which require either super-human capacity for memorization OR a mind trained in the Method of Loci.

Currently, the team is working on a game that will train users to remember the order of a deck of cards.

The project is written in C# and made through Unity.

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Modular Drone Design

The goal is to make a drone (multi copter) that allows attachments for easy specialization of drones e.g. air quality testing, fire extinguishing, temporary communication networks.

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A cross-platform, fully managed C# library for generating and using navigation meshes, primarily in video games.

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An Open-Source DIY Pressure Sensor to Keyboard Project Using the Arduino Uno R3

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Library Occupancy Sensor

The objective of this project is to develop a low-cost and easy-to-deploy sensing system for the RPI library. This system will try to solve the problem of finding a open study room. With the current system there is no way of knowing what study rooms are available without running up and down the library and looking in every room. The final part of the project is to create a web application that could display the state of all the study rooms to a screen.