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PokeAPI v2

Refreshing the Pokemon API to a version 2 compliant with RESTful web practices and matching the database setup of the original games

Score: 2632

Lapsus Linguae

A web based tool to help you get better at public speaking!

Score: 2782

Memory Mason

Memory Mason is an application whose aim is to train one's ability to create and store information through the Method of Loci. The final goal is to have multiple game=like exercises that are similar to the challenges given at Memory Competitions, all of which require either super-human capacity for memorization OR a mind trained in the Method of Loci.

Currently, the team is working on a game that will train users to remember the order of a deck of cards.

The project is written in C# and made through Unity.

Score: 4062


Go Muller is an Android application, which can record users’ exercise habits at the Muller Center or any other athletic facilities.

Score: 4106

Table Tome

A Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition toolbox.

Score: 7003

Sign Me Up!

Large scale volunteer signup site for the Regional Food Bank

Score: 8123


A cross-platform solution to make all your devices work together.

Score: 8553


Android and iOS app to monitor and log driving speeds and habits.

Score: 10123


A cross-platform, anonymous voting system.

Score: 10275


The purpose of this project is to work on the updated GUI interface of YACS++.

Score: 10282


App to help create study groups

Score: 12954


UI end desktop application for Sia, a start-up graduated from an RCOS project of ages past.

Score: 14177


This project is meant to contribute to UC-Berkeley's OpenWSN project, an open source wireless sensor network. We plan on learning about wireless sensor networks through bug fixes as well as software development associated with OpenWSN. Eventually, the project goals will evolve to simplifying the acquisition and configuration of wireless sensor networks for widespread hobbyist and student use.

Score: 14676


In an effort to find a trend in the patterns of crime in areas stricken by violence, Vest collects data from social media connections to develop a network between victims of violent crimes. Using a scraping tool, Vest will crawl social networks on a small scale to collect the necessary data to point out links between victims.

Score: 15925

Module Game Engine

An open-source game engine designed to be very modular, allowing for portions of it to be switched out while still providing a common interface.

Score: 16456


Music request service with a hint of democracy.

Score: 16784


Fitpet is a fitness gamification mobile application that encourages it’s users to stay active by providing a fun and engaging incentive to exercise.

Score: 18214

Eve Online Market Analysis Tool

The tool would use information from the API to determine what margins exist, if the item is trading at historic highs or lows, at what volume items are trading at and divided amongst how many orders. Account for players skill levels and standing to determine what fees a transaction will accrue and how this affects profitability. Eventually I would like to implement systems to identify items that are having their value artificially inflated or deflated and perhaps a companion app that would track market orders and give alerts of rapid spikes or dips in prices for items the user is interested in.

Score: 19573


inSquare is a uniquely minimal watchface designed for the Pebble and Pebble Steel. A simple square with the numbered time inside, inSquare takes the minimalist digital concept and makes it elegant. With a simple customization page allowing for 3 different, unqiue modes, as well as a "vibrate on disconnect" toggle, inSquare is a great option for your wrist. With 200 users and counting, inSquare is a well loved watchface by both it's users and developers

Score: 20645

Toy Engine

Small rendering engine library that works as a command line tool. Written in C++ and BOOST.

Score: 21062


cDashboard is an information-based overlay for Microsoft Windows. In it's current form it allows for the creation and maintaining of cStickies, cWeathers, cPics, cStopwatches, cBatteries, and cReminders. The possibilities are endless with cDashboard.

Score: 23441

Check up

An intuitive performance monitor Windows application

Score: 25943

CourseMap (YACS: Catalog)

CourseMap aims at making exploring a catalog of courses more intuitive.

CourseMap is a web app that shows the catalog as a directed graph, with the courses as nodes and pre-requisites as paths. Co-requisites are linked as mutual pre-requisites.

Full proposal (Google Doc):

Score: 27024


Reinventing routing using Bitcoins and bloom filters

Score: 33420


iChode is a framework designed to optimize weight training measurements; consequently maximizing user's gains. Users will be able to swiftly identify different target muscle groups and record exercises, reps, and sets in a highly intuitive manner.

Score: 34367

Library Occupancy Sensor

The objective of this project is to develop a low-cost and easy-to-deploy sensing system for the RPI library. This system will try to solve the problem of finding a open study room. With the current system there is no way of knowing what study rooms are available without running up and down the library and looking in every room. The final part of the project is to create a web application that could display the state of all the study rooms to a screen.

Score: 34647


A vim-influenced keyboard-only interface for Firefox.

Score: 35080


Open Source Project Tracking for RCOS

Score: 37180

High School Hacking is a site for high schoolers (and other newcomers) to get involved with programming. There are lessons here that start with the very basics of Python and Javascript, then get more advanced with language-specific activities. The site is live and being used at

Our Shaker High sessions are Wednesdays at 2:30-3:30, and the Shenendehowa High sessions are Thursdays at 2:45-3:45. If you'd like to volunteer with us, send Josh an email at

Score: 40495


A way to control the media on a windows PC with speech.

Score: 42578


The goal of this project is to improve the YACS API for YACS++ and other programs that need information. The improvements to the JSON output is a linking structure for the Pre-reqs and Co-reqs so other projects can have more information.

Score: 45025

Mini High Power Battery Management System

Open-source hardware and software implementation of a battery management system

Score: 49793


I've always been annoyed that I can't charge my phone at night without hurting the battery with trickle charging. OverNight is a simple solution to this.
OverNight is an arduino phone charger and alarm clock. You tell it what time you want to wake up and it begins charging your phone a set amount of time before that. It also acts as your alarm clock, so there isn't an issue if your phone dies.
The initial version we want to make is a simple charger/alarm clock that doesn't take into account different phones battery capacity, current battery percentage, or get any sort of feedback from the phone.
Ideally the final version would be able to talk to an app on the phone over serial to easily set the alarms, and also get feedback on current battery percentage, charge rate, and more.

Score: 55247

High Level Image Comparison Library

The goal of this project, in addition to being a learning exercise, is to develop a library of functions with a high level of abstraction for comparing images. Common elements (color, shapes, textures…) will be identified and an output that accurately represents that degree of similarity between the two images will ideally be returned for uses such as matching or sorting sets of images. While a number of libraries have been developed before for more specialized applications (e.g. facial/object recognition), this project would aim for more flexibility and general purpose usage and avoid needing databases of specially trained classifiers, instead directing attention toward commonalities. To be clear, this would not be an object recognition tool, but rather something that just notes similarities between images. Benchmarks may include developing or successfully integrating Lighting Normalization/Balancing, Accurate Image Scaling, Orienting, Region of Interest Finding/Matching, Feature Connecting, and Threshold Heuristics.

Score: 61668

DynamoRIO Projects

Contribute to the Dr. Memory and DynamoRIO projects. A full list of possible projects can be found here:

Our projects:
* Front-end library
* Dr. Heapstat data visualization
* Analyze Windows system calls in order to remove false positives from Dr. Memory's error reports.

Score: 68456

Blue Dash

Blue Dash is an open source automotive dashboard that can run on an Android tablet or phone. The interface will be modular, providing the user with only the information they want to see, and how they want it to be presented. Input will be provided over Bluetooth, with first devices being Arduinos. Multiple Bluetooth input devices can connect to the Android asynchronously with ample bandwidth allocations, providing real-time statistics for multiple systems. I will be working with the SAE Formula Hybrid team to implement this dashboard into the racecar.

Score: 70357

YACS Degree Maker

The purpose of this project is to provide an easy to use web application for users (in this case, professors) to develop degree/major requirements. The user will be able to enter courses, link pre/corequisites, as well as create a set of rules for essential degree requirements all using an intuitive graphical user interface. This application will then link with other YACS related projects using a unified API, ultimately making it easier for students to plan their college careers than ever before.

Score: 70500

Homework Server

A suite of UX and autograding changes to the homework server used at RPI

Score: 80384

Where R U?

An iOS and Android app for scheduling and managing carpools.

Users can create carpools which they are the driver for, and make it either public or by invite only. Either way, the driver specifies the starting location and the destination. Public carpools can be joined after acceptance by the driver.

When the driver is about to leave, they can send out a notification to all riders to let them know he/she is on his/her way. The riders can then notify the driver that they are ready to be picked up, which will send their GPS location to the driver. Our app will then attempt to map out the most efficient route to go from the initial location to each rider's location, to the final destination. The riders will be able to track where the driver is in respect to their current location.

Score: 91176


Software and hardware platform for underwater remotely operated vehicles. Intended to be a low cost alternative to OpenROV.

*Arduino Compatible
*Highly Configurable PVC frame
*Python Host program
*C/C++ on device side

Score: 108728

Share It

This project will be an Android /IOS application called Share-It that allows the sharing of contacts over Wi-Fi and airdrop. Currently, Apple doesn't offer native support for the sharing of contacts or any information to non-Apple devices and the development for this area is also lacking. Share-It allows users of the application to create "rooms" that users in the proximity can join and share details between non-compatible devices. Rooms will be created based on location data from phones and require passwords to join. This project explores the address book API's of both IOS and Android and will require basic back-end web technologies to host the "rooms".

Score: 124142


An Open Source Sensor Framework for Home Automation enthusiasts.

Score: 135259


A cross-platform, fully managed C# library for generating and using navigation meshes, primarily in video games.

Score: 158481

Alien Spoilers

Alien Spoilers is a web app that will manage a user’s Reddit subscriptions to avoid “spoilers” for things like tv shows or live sports events.

Score: 201295


An audio visualization project using Arduino and C# to change the way we look at music.

Score: 716345

Pokemon RPI

A rehash of the pokemon game that centers around the RPI campus.

Score: 3024057

Mozilla Servo

A high-performance web browser engine written in Rust, an experimental systems programming language.

Score: 3024295


YACS++ will add CAPP report planning capabilities to the existing YACS web app.

In order to make YACS++ possible, we have decided to divide the group into four subgroups: API Improvement, Degree Making Software, Course Catalogue Navigator, and UI. We will be posting more information as it comes in.


Observatory for API Project:

Observatory for CourseMap:

Score: 3163683

An iPad Game

This project is an iPad application that seeks to educate K–12 students about the fundamentals of material science through an interactive game. The knowledge will be obtained from the ENGR-1600 course and the MSE department (this app will be supervised by a material science professor and a PhD graduate).

This semester, our app is mainly focused on the material’s flexibility. User can input a material’s length, width, thickness and atomic element (carbon, copper, iron, iPhone 6, etc.) so that the app can determine the material structure on an atomic level. Then, the user can interact with and modify the material through a touch screen interface, which will send the app necessary information such as the force, velocity, direction, etc. Using this information, the app will compute the new piece by first applying the force on ALL particles in the original piece, and then its relevant information, such as the shape, length, when it will break, and what the pieces look like after it breaks. Finally the resulting visualization will be displayed.

Score: 3183469

RPI Roomfinder

rpi-roomfinder aims to help students evade from the generally crowded studying places like the library and find a nice, quiet and empty classroom around the campus easily, within a couple clicks at maximum!

Score: 7560000

Force it!

A android based mobile application