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cDashboard is an information-based overlay for Microsoft Windows. In it's current form it allows for the creation and maintaining of cStickies, cWeathers, cPics, and cStopwatches. The possibilities are endless with cDashboard.

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A cross-platform, anonymous voting system.

Score: 6392


Whiteboard is an open source academic dashboard for tracking grades, homework and scheduling school work.

Score: 6663


Music request service with a hint of democracy.

Score: 9181

Command Chain

A hierarchical management system for use in small to medium size groups and organizations.

Score: 11057


FireDB is a web-enabled database intended to be used by local EMS services. The idea is to allow them to avoid bottle necks the inevitably arise from handling all their documents via hard copy.

Score: 11154

RPI Clubs and Activities

RPI Clubs and Activities is a website/mobile application where students can find when and where a specific club meets.

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Where R U?

An iOS and Android app for scheduling and managing carpools.

Users can create carpools which they are the driver for, and make it either public or by invite only. Either way, the driver specifies the starting location and the destination. Public carpools can be joined after acceptance by the driver.

When the driver is about to leave, they can send out a notification to all riders to let them know he/she is on his/her way. The riders can then notify the driver that they are ready to be picked up, which will send their GPS location to the driver. Our app will then attempt to map out the most efficient route to go from the initial location to each rider's location, to the final destination. The riders will be able to track where the driver is in respect to their current location.

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DynamoRIO Projects

Contribute to the Dr. Memory and DynamoRIO projects. A full list of possible projects can be found here:

Our projects:
* Front-end library
* Dr. Heapstat data visualization
* Analyze Windows system calls in order to remove false positives from Dr. Memory's error reports.

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Android and iOS app to monitor and log driving speeds and habits.

Score: 19782


App crawls student activity data to find free food!

Score: 21062


An image based ecological information system.

Score: 21748

Lights Out

Mobile application that reminds you to turn off your car lights.

Score: 23364

Sheng Guan Tu

Purposes: The objective of this project is to develop an on-line multi-player 2D-3D RPG game for iOS phones and tablets and PC, based on a traditional Chinese strategy board game named “Sheng Guan Tu”, which is the prototype of Sugoroku, a famous Japanese board game. This game was first created in Ming Dynasty, but what we are going to develop is based on the Qing Dynasty Bureaucracy.

Score: 24204


The basic goal of a personal safety app is to provide a user with, predictably, a feeling of personal safety. Indeed, a plethora of applications exist that already provide fragments of this important service—timer apps, panic button apps, guardian alert apps, and so on. Most often these apps alert authorities, usually emergency services, police, or, for example, campus security.
To what extent, however, does this further the goal of giving someone a sense of confidence in themselves? What happens when the standard authorities are not necessarily those whom the user wishes to alert of danger?
SelfSecured aims to give users the ability to feel safe and confident in themselves before relying on any external party by collecting features currently fragmented and scattered across categories of applications and placing them in one easy-to-use app, including (but not limited to) timer and panic button functions, audio/video recording, social media integration, and geolocation/geofences.

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Adaptable Automotive Sensor Logger

Framework and frontend for real-time automotive data collection and control.

Score: 26021


Low Cost Underwater remotely operated vehicle

Score: 26801


A lightweight, secure, extensible CMS driven by the MEAN stack.

We aim to develop a simple, efficient alternative to existing CMSs, such as WordPress. A major design focus will be placed on the user interface ensuring a friendly environment for both experienced and inexperienced users.

Everything will be driven through plug-ins, leaving even default functionality in the hands of a set of core plug-ins that we will develop so the CMS will be shipped with a full set of features while also leaving plenty of room for user created functionality.

Security is always a concern with web systems so industry standard system hardening will be integrated from the beginning, ensuring the system can be used for everything, from a one page web blog to a thousand page site dedicated to a university’s Computer Science department, such as RPI’s Computer Science department site.

Score: 35061


A Django based application to make web scraping more user friendly using a web-based GUI.

Score: 37269


This project is meant to contribute to UC-Berkeley's OpenWSN project, an open source wireless sensor network. We plan on learning about wireless sensor networks through bug fixes as well as software development associated with OpenWSN. Eventually, the project goals will evolve to simplifying the acquisition and configuration of wireless sensor networks for widespread hobbyist and student use.

Score: 38569

RPI Mobile for Android

RPI Mobile is an effort to provide students, faculty, and vistors with a mobile experience that enables interaction with the campus and community by bringing together many different data sources from around campus into one convenient location.

Score: 40187


In an effort to find a trend in the patterns of crime in areas stricken by violence, Vest collects data from social media connections to develop a network between victims of violent crimes. Using a scraping tool, Vest will crawl social networks on a small scale to collect the necessary data to point out links between victims.

Score: 46809


BountyBB (bounty bulletin board) is essentially a bulletin board for data. Users post requests for data, optionally offering a reward for whoever fulfills the request. BountyBB's main goal is to encourage the exchange of publicly relevant but privately owned information, that would otherwise not be shared for free. This is accomplished through BountyBB's option to include a payment for the information being requested.

Score: 54068

DGAL: Distributed Genetic Algorithm Library

We are continuing our project from last year which was creating a distributed genetic algorithm library. DGAL is a library for easily creating and running distributed genetical algorithm systems, with multiple goal types and communication schemes.The goal of this project is to create an easier platform for running a user inputted genetic algorithm across a distributed network of computers. DGAL is intended to increase the performance of genetic algorithms while maintaining the quality and randomness of solutions returned. This project attempts streamline the process to finding a solution, making much of the distributed implementation transparent to the user.

Score: 64095


Social networking service that utilizes polls as the driving force for discussion and community interaction. Combines elements of existing sites such as Quora and Reddit in an attempt to create an environment where users can interact to whatever degree they want.

Score: 64179


Analog velocity based control for League of Legends

Score: 66920


NFC based bands coupled with an an Android application designed for use in EMT work and hospitals to quickly and efficiently transfer infromation

Score: 85406

LED Color Control

This project is a collaboration with the Smart Lighting Engineering Research Center. Most lights have very basic controls. An on/off switch or a dimmer. The goal of this project will be to develop software tools which provide more options to fine-tune LED lights. An array of LEDs produces a spectrum that is just the sum of the spectra of the individual LEDs. Each individual LED can be amplified differently, changing how much their spectrum contributes to the array spectrum. Amplify green LEDs, and you’ll get a much greener spectrum from the full array.
With this project, I’ll be trying to calculate the multipliers such that the LED array can match the color of any given input spectrum. This is made more complicated than a numerical computing problem due to the fact that the human eye does not see all colors equally. Even if two spectra are very similar, they can look very different to the eye. To account for this, a significant part of the project will be to study color science. I will be finalizing my results in a GUI that is easy to use even if you don't have the background knowledge in color science.

Score: 87702

Food Pantry Client Database

Open Source project to create a client Database for Provisions food pantry in Troy, NY. Implementation will be in Python and SQL.

Score: 111501


A cross-platform, fully managed C# library for generating and using navigation meshes, primarily in video games.

Score: 117046

Sodexo Menu Parser

RPI Sodexo Menu Parser written in Python for integration with RPI Mobile Server.

Score: 123114


Fitting models of the milkyway

Score: 141005

RPI Walk

RPI Walk is a mobile application whose main goal is to provide RPI students with a fast and reliable way to plan routes around campus. It will give students a great scheduling tool by allowing them to map out the time required to get to their various classes on campus. The app will allow students to find multiple quick routes between two locations on-campus, add their class schedules to the app to receive notifications about appropriate times to leave for those classes, and to be able to rate the different routes found by the app.

Score: 144001


An all in one home brewing iPad application aimed at helping with brewing beer for both complete beginners to advanced users. There are limitless options on how advanced you wish to customize both your custom recipes and collection of others.

Score: 156545


Open Source Lab Equipment Control Software

Score: 172742


An open-source Unity toolkit.

Score: 188240


The objective of this project is to create a github-like environment for creating sheet music. Users will be able to write pieces of music online, and take advantage of the version control and collaborative power of git.

Score: 190488

Dark Matter Simulation

The objective of this project is to create an open-source dark matter ring module for Dr. Peter Teuben's stellar dynamics toolbox, NEMO ( NEMO provides an infrastructure for performing and visualizing astronomical n-body simulations. Last summer I worked with graduate student Julie Dumas and in cooperation with Dr. Pierre Sikivie to implement a calculator for the gravitational potential at a given point due to dark matter in the Milky Way. The calculator is based on Dr. Sikivie's axion dark matter model. To complete this module, new code must be written to take into account dynamical friction in Dr. Sikivie's model.

Some useful information on Dr. Sikivie's model can be found here:

Score: 197055


E-reader app for Android that uses the Spritz SDK to improve speed reading and reading retention/comprehension.

Score: 201350


Question-and-answer forum webapp aimed specifically at the RPI community.

Score: 208076

Docktor (For OSX)

Docktor is an application for OSX that will allow for quick swapping of the dock icon sets, done via terminal icon changes using the open source project DockUtil.

Score: 209861


A markov chain based grammatical checker which works by deciding likelihood of words occurring in certain contexts.

Score: 215343


TextLock is a new Java-based messaging application meant for Android phones that uses a randomly generated key to encrypt and secure SMS messages.

Score: 229126


Open Source Infrared communication protocol.

Score: 234376


There are a lot of people, organizations, and clubs that need rooms on-campus to do work in, and a lot of rooms are available. Most rooms are generally unlocked and available, but there is a hassle to determine what rooms are actually available, are in-use, and etc. No easy reference exists. Developing a quick reference to individuals that temporarily need a room would satisfy this demand.

Score: 235369

Chlorine (OpenCL)

Chlorine is a collection of utilities to help simplify and rapidly prototype OpenCL applications.

Score: 247781

Pokemon RPI

A rehash of the pokemon game that centers around the RPI campus.

Score: 258484

MilkyWay@home server expansion

MilkyWay@home is an open-source software program that attempts to model the conditions of the early stages of the Milky Way by running N-body simulations on computers owned by volunteers worldwide. Each simulation steps a set of particles representing a dwarf galaxy through a model of the Milky Way’s gravitational potential, with six adjustable parameters representing the initial mass and radius of the dwarf galaxy’s dark matter component, initial mass and radius of the dwarf’s baryonic matter component, backward evolve time, and forward evolve time. The system then compares the end result of each simulation with the known distribution of stars in tidal streams around the galaxy. Currently, the MilkyWay@home platform is only able to optimize parameters for a single dwarf galaxy. The proposed expansion will allow the platform to optimize initial position and velocity parameters for multiple dwarf galaxies.

Score: 258729


BookSwap is an elegant service to keep track of books and book transaction. Key innovations of the project are:
* Exchanges recommended to users based on others who want to buy or sell the same books as them.
* Secure integration with the Google Books API to allow users to import books to the local database if they don't yet exist.

The goal of this project is to create a user-friendly exchange that non-technical college students will feel comfortable placing entries and searching within for their new and used textbooks.

Score: 264242


Enabling a new way to interact with your computer.

Score: 267109


This project is aimed at RCOS groups and Open Source groups that have a difficult time planning out their code and the way that they communicate with other members. After research on the matter I found that the Scrum development framework was fairly popular in software development. Scrum will be a ruby on rails/ember application that groups can use to work on their projects.

Score: 271257


RPHub is a RPI-centric website and accompanying mobile app or mobile version of the website that serves as a hub for clubs and independent projects to find talent in a given area of expertise. Project aims to centralize and streamline the process for finding people qualified for a given task that is usually handled inefficiently through emails and conventional social media. The site uses a filter system to assign properties to posts for easy navigation. For example, if a group is looking for a person talented in music remixing or DJing, they could put out a request for someone who meets their specification and include the tag “Music” to their post. We hope for this program to be used by not only students but also by professors who are in need of helping hands for research, class, or home needs. Some professors may need help painting parts of their house and can put out a request for it -- thereby allowing those who may want to become more friendly with the professor a chance for it. Other auxiliaries of the project include areas for textbook exchange and/or sales. We believe that this project will assist many in finding ways to involve themselves with things across campus and improve their resumes in an easy way.

Score: 297443

RPI Plan of Study

This project originates from the Plan of Study project identified by the Advising Task Force in 2002.

The goal of the Plan of Study project is to create an open-source electronic planning tool designed to meet two important advising objectives at RPI.

First, a key objective is to help students and advisors by providing them a means to creating a “roadmap” of the student’s courses taken and to be taken; such a plan would be documented and stored in a database (e.g. Banner). This creates an accurate data retrieval system that is accessible to the advisor, advisee, and any other relevant parties. This will be particularly helpful for advisors and students who aim to graduate with a dual major or consider changing majors. Advisors will work from the same documents to help students plot out their course selections, ensuring they will reach their academic goals in four years (or the relevant time frame).

A second key advising objective is to facilitate advisor efforts in conducting planning and advising sessions with their advisees. Specific courses listed are natural conversation openers for advisors to review student goals and progress.

Score: 322171


A web based Existential Graph proof system!

Check out our website above!

Score: 326629

Homework Server

A suite of UX and autograding changes to the homework server used at RPI

Score: 335137


Emissary is a set of tools and resources for League of Legends, implementing and/or extending features not offered by the official Riot Games API and the client. A secondary purpose is to provide a clean, well-documented reference for how to build applications involving League of Legends services and client features.

I am sure most people know of the game League of Legends. Emissary is a new project I started at the end of last semester to explore various undocumented features within the League of Legends Air Client. A particular target audience is the Collegiate Organizers group, where Emissary is already being used (in very pre-alpha state).

Score: 353236

2W (When and Where)

This application can provide operation hours of all RPI facilities, organizations and buildings to its user. The interface of this application contains both a search box and category to allow users spot their target. ""Preference List" feature will be added. We also plan to include professors’ office hours if the related information is available.

Score: 3025362

Check up

An intuitive performance monitor Windows application

Score: 3037120

Window World

Window world is a location based augmented reality app that allows users to edit the world around them. Users will be able to place text, pictures, and models in a virtual reality that can only been seen through our app.

Weeks 1 - 4: The first objective of this project would be to create a system that handles input and output requests to and from our server. As users walk around the real world they will be notified of near by objects in the 3D world.

Weeks 5 - 6: The next objective would be to flush out the 3D modeling system (Unity) on the mobile platforms so models, text, & pictures display efficiently.

Weeks 7 - 10: The last objective of this project would be to create and or improve a computer vision system that could track and place 3D models on to real world objects.

Score: 3037770


A system of libraries, command line tools and an ide package for collaboration on small projects.

Score: 3265993

Chess AI

To design and implement a smart AI that can be used to play a game of chess or checkers. The AI will decide between all possible moves and select only the best moves available. We hope by making this an open source project to build a platform for future AI developers and to make it intuitive so advanced players may redesign the AI to suit their play.

Score: 4092184

Fire Department Management System

The Fire Department Management System is a program which greatly simplifies the process of logging and tracking the large sum of data that fire departments deal with on a daily basis.

Score: 4551743


The goal of PuckmanLabs is to catalog and distribute institutional information in modern consumable interfaces.

Score: 7560000

Android Computer Vision App

To implement a computer vision App for Android, either tailored to tablets or phones, that will be built off of OpenCV and OpenGL with the goals of increasing understanding of open source computer graphics, video streaming and 3D computer design, as well as create an App that can recognize specific objects (i.e. circuit boards) and draw the upload jpg or drawn graphic over the video frames in order to enhance the users understanding of an activity, a circuit schematic, or ability to save the identified object as an image for later observation.

Note: Wiki to be updated at a later date once the project is underway. 9/05/14

Score: 7560000

Open Hand Model T42

This project is focused on recreating the 3D printed hand and acting as a beta tester in efforts of implementing two ideas into one. The two ideas are The Open Hand Project Model T42 and Takk Tile Sensors. The Open Hand Project Model T42 involves the use of all open source files provided by the GrabLab from Yale University. The purpose of the Open Hand Project is to design a robotics hand that can be easily created with limited budget. The Takk Tile Sensors from Harvard University are to mimic human touch on finger joints. All efforts will be dedicated to contributing to both projects in exploring/improving any flaws of the current model. Ultimately making this a more trust worthy product for future usage.
Technologies: Arduino, 3-D print, C, and python
Time Line :
Week 1-4: update current site, gather data for Takk Tile sensor itself before implementing onto finger pads. Start writing progress report.
5-8: implement Takk Tile sensors onto finger pads gather various data such as sensibility, find best position of the sensors, and start writing automatous code.
9-10: finish perfecting automatous code with TakkTile sensor according output values. Update website with latest progress. Provide both projects with findings.

Score: 7560000

Feedforward Neural Net Python

Fork of scikit-learn for adding feedforward neural network capability. Ultimate goal is to get this merged into scikit-learn main.

Score: 7560000


An iOS application used to create a more positive, enriching, and insentivizing perspective on gambling with friends. Instead of losing a bet and doing something silly/dangerous or losing money without it going to a good cause; you can donate to official charities (and write-off your donation later that year for tax purposes).
Every user has their own profile where they can pick which charities they want to support. They then can create bets against other users with a particular challenge and wager amount. Once the bet is finished and both users agree on a victor, the loser has the donate the wager amount to the victor's supported charity. Then we track analytics of how many times (and how much) people have won and lost and show all of the causes/charities they have supported since installing the app.

Languages: PHP, SQL, Objective-C.

Technologies & Frameworks: MySQL, iOS, CoreData, CoreFoundations, BrainTree API, Facebook API

Weeks 1-4: Finish database architecture, HTTPS data/traffic management with dummy data, session management within the app, and basic UI implementation.
Weeks 5-8: Finish local data storage management on the iOS device, and integrate ACH & card transactions using BrainTree API.
Weeks 9-10: Finish polishing the UI, integrating real data-sources, fixing possible bugs and adding additional polish functionality.

Score: 7560000


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