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Collective Congress is an open-source web platform for democracy. Its purpose is to provide a quick and effective way to make collective decisions on a regular basis. The site also functions as a platform for hosting democratically-controlled web content. Users can freely create groups, and each group has its own data which can be modified through voting.




This project got grandfathered in without a set mentor

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Purpose of this Blog

This blog will be used to document the progress of Collective Congress, a web development project at the Rensselaer Center for Open-Source Software (RCOS). Here is a brief explanation of the project:The purpose of the project is to develop an open-source web platform for democracy, allowing groups of all kinds to easily make collective decisions on a regular basis. The platform will provide a customizable online voting system, and it will also allow groups to host democratically-controlled conte...

Hackin' & Scrummin'

After a successful hackathon, we are now well on our way to a productive development process. Despite some issues with Git conflicts, two out of three of the project's new developers were able to commit new features. The third is hard at work on a unit testing system, which will be important for improving the stability of the system.Two of our developers are taking Prof. Ibanez's course on Open Source Software Practices, and we will be using Collective Congress for a class project about agile so...

Brief History

Since I am moving this blog from the RCOS website to Blogger, I will give a brief history of the project:The project was started in spring 2012 as a new RCOS project by Dan Vegeto. During the spring semester, the basic design of the system was hammered out. This includes the key feature of democratically-controlled data via a command-line interface. Multiple presentations about the project were given, including one at the ASIS&T Open Source Festival at UAlbany.The project was continued durin...

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Create gh-pages branch via GitHub

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updated Bureaucrat, removed empty Page classes

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updated app engine SDK

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