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This team completes projects for different municipalities in the area.




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API Integration

A big part of the work this semester, is to make the project much more flexible and extensible, and after much research I've decided that the best route to go for that is towards creating an API Centric application.

By using a central API, the system can now be integrated with multiple platforms, besides a browser-based one, and changing frameworks would be a seamless process for the project.

By taking the original design of the service, I've re-worked the data-flow to work with a simple PHP-based, user authenticated API. This whole re-working will make using other frameworks for visualization tools MUCH easier.

Location generation via an API is currently complete and appears to be working, the next steps are to fully integrate, and then work on the security of the API, possibly moving to OAuth2 for authentication, and creating private keys.


With the Fall semester starting today, we finally re-start development and also begin to restructure how the team runs. First of all, we're forming a team!

We're currently accepting all forms of membership, but if you know nothing about the current scope of the project check out the following:

This project currently focuses on developing web applications for cities to complete various tasks, the main one is a reservation system for Schenectady.

The City of Troy has also expressed interest.

Our current platform is built using mySQL databases and PHP to work with the front end and the databases.

Our projects are not limited to these however, if someone wants to come on and re-work our framework using Ruby on Rails or Django, we're completely open to it.

We're looking for web programmers, database programmers, web designers, and graphic designers.

Hopefully this project will continue to help different municipalities develop tools to help them run more efficiently for many years, but to start we need to get a team behind it!

Dynamic Page Generation

The task of implementing the dynamic generation of pages for locations has been completed. All that is left in that area is to develop the pages for the location as well as adding a few exceptions for special locations such as the quad which can have four areas of reservation.

The next step is writing the reservation algorithm to prevent scheduling conflicts.

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Completed API-based creation of locations

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Reservation processes implemented

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