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Currently, WindowGroomer positions application windows on a grid in Microsoft Windows and X11.

I intend on adding support for Mac OS X and expanding its feature set to be closer to that of modern tiling window managers while remaining user-friendly.



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Proposal (Fall 2013)

WindowGroomer will be a tiling window manager for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. I intend for it to be friendly for both mouse and touch gestures and keyboard shortcuts.


WindowGroomer can currently position windows on a grid in Windows and Linux with X11. A demonstration of this functionality is available on my portfolio site.

Planned new features

  • Mac OS X support

  • Full tiling window management

Other stuff

If anyone has a suggestion for a better name please let me know.

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Reorganize source file structure

40 files changed, 40 lines added, 706 lines removed

Make grid size configurable

8 files changed, 66 lines added, 6 lines removed

Fix parent-child relationship in GridWindow

2 files changed, 1 line added, 1 line removed

Create preferences menu item

4 files changed, 12 lines added, 2 lines removed

Add (un)maximize() methods to NativeWindow for Windows

6 files changed, 33 lines added, 0 lines removed